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September 7th, 2011, 08:41 AM
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Name: Jaime

DC name: Caleb Dean

Type of birth: preterm c-section

Why are you "here": I am still holding feelings of resentment, anger, guilt, sadness over the birth of my 4th baby. I had been having issues with preterm labor from 24 weeks on and my OB completely dismissed my concerns. I'm a L&D nurse, I work with her on a regular basis and thought I had more of a raport with her. I had a positivie fFN and she did nothing. When I clocked out one night at work, she came in, told me over and over that "I was just going to contract, that it was my 4th baby and when it hurt then she'd be concerned." But they did hurt. She thought I just wanted to be delivered, which I DID NOT! I would have stood on my head for another 6 weeks to keep him in. She started me on Magnesium Sulfate to slow labor, but she did it just to shut me up. She ordered pain med/nausea med combo that wipes you out...just to try to get me to shut up. I didn't want the meds. I felt awful between the nausea, the nubain & phenergan I had worked most of my 12 hour night shift before being admitted. I never stopped contracting...and after about 12-15 hours on Mag, my water broke. My DH was at home with my other kids, and didn't get to his cell when I called him to come in because he was caring for our 2 year old who was up crying. My OB was pissed b/c I didn't want to be delivered (I was a repeat c/s) until he got to the hospital. I thought it was a reasonable request. Finally, I got ahold of him and he came in. I was terrified of delivering my baby boy at 34 weeks...and my OB never came to talk to me that am. She was pissed she had to come in at 3am, documented that I "refused" to go to the OR until DH was present and was incredibly rude during the surgery. I ended up with post-partum depression and I think part of it was because of the whole experience. My baby was fine, but the experience was horrible. Even though I planned a c/s, I wanted him to be term, I wanted to feel respected...instead I felt that someone I work with and trusted let me down.

One POSITIVE experience about your birth: My co-workers were fabulous and stood up for me over and over, reinterating to my OB that I didn't just want to delivered, that I didn't care how uncomfortable I was, I just wanted labor stopped. I also got a healthy baby boy, and he did very well being born 6 weeks early.

Thanks Jaidynsmum!!

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