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September 8th, 2011, 02:17 PM
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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

At 10:00am, I was admitted to labor and delivery, where I put on one of those oh-so-sexy hospital gowns, and was hooked up to the contraction and fetal heart rate monitors.
At 10:30am, my blood was drawn, an IV placed (fluids and antibiotics started), signed some paperwork and then was allowed 30 minutes to relax alone in the room with my mom and Sean (DH).
At 11:15am, the anesthesiologist came in and explained the spinal to me. She asked me if I had anything to tell her and I told her. "Just make sure I am completely numb".
At 11:30am, the nurses came in, placed my catheter and the compression things on my legs, had Sean put on his scrubs, gave my mom all my personal belongings and told her she could wait by the transitional room window to watch for Sean and Isaiah (our hospital does not have an actual nursery, they promote rooming-in).
At 11:45am, I was walked down the hall to the OR. Sean was seated outside to wait while they prepped me for the C-section. When I walked in, the room was very cold and I was a little nervous, so I just kept mentally telling myself that in not too long, I would get to see Isaiah.
I climbed up and sat on the table with my back towards the anesthesiologist. so she could start my spinal. The spinal was actually not that bad. I barely felt the numbing medicine shot, and by the time she got the other stuff in, my legs were warm and heavy.
They laid me down and then started to get everything else in place. I watched my OB get suited up and then they put up the infamous blue drape in front of my face and escorted Sean in.
About 5 minutes later, my OB asked if I could feel anything and I said no. He said good (the nurse told me later that he was halfway through getting me open when he asked LOL).....
At 12:11pm, I felt tremendous pressure as Isaiah entered the world, I heard him cry and I started crying. Sean was so supportive and I heard him cry a little when he said "Isaiah's here".
As Sean went over to the warmer to see Isaiah, I started having some chest pains and felt like I couldn't breathe....I started to cry again and the anesthesiologist told me that what I was feeling was probably a combination of the Pitocin she had just put in my IV and the fact that my uterus was sitting outside on my stomach while my OB was stitching it up. She gave me a bit of morphine and it took the edge off the feeling. At that time, the nurse came over with Isaiah, and I got to kiss his face and touch him. I was so in love!!!
About 34 minutes later, I was being taken to the recovery room, where I spent 2.5 hours impatiently waiting for the spinal to wear off enough that I could wiggle my toes and move my legs. The recovery room nurse noticed my anxiousness and told me that if she saw one twitch, she would release me to my room, so that I could see Isaiah.
By 3:00pm, I was in my room, with Sean by my side, snuggling and loving on my adorable baby boy!

Master Isaiah was 8lbs. 4oz and 20 inches long!!!

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