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September 9th, 2011, 08:05 AM
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So we only started TTC last month. I'm CD4 in cycle #2 with a very light, if not spotty, AF. This is very unusual for me. Usually by day 4 of AF I have a very heavy flow. I'm fairly certain I'm not prego so I was wondering, does TTC change your AF? If AF doesn't come in in full force in the next few days, I may test again just to make extra sure I'm not prego...

BTW, cute afterthought, my DH asked me if I was certain I had my AF....b.c he was hoping it was only a little spotting that some women get when prego. It was cute. I know he is excited but he doesn't show it like I do. He shows it in little questions like that. I love him.
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