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September 10th, 2011, 12:14 AM
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So heres my birth story.

I had my appointment on the 8th at 11am..came in and didnt expect too much. Got my membranes stripped again but then the doctor noticed my fundal height had not changed in 3 weeks and got concerned. She decided to do an ultrasound and it found that baby girl was only measure 36 weeks at 40 weeks gestation. We talked about the pros and cons of inducing or waiting and both made the decision to induce the next morning.

I started feeling a little funny after my appointment. I got a small pain in my lower back with each random contraction. I remember eating, drinking and they seemed to get worse. I had a feeling that labor was starting on its own. The contractions were real irregular at first.

By 6 pm they were coming every 10 minutes and becoming increasingly painful. By 8pm I started getting nausea and chills and decided to call the after hours hotline to see what to do. They recommended I come in so by 930 my MIL, son and I drove to the hospital. She dropped me off and DH came in from work an hour later.

I was checked and was 3.5 centimeters by 11pm..the on call doctor admitted me. I was in a lot of pain by this time with contractions coming 7-8 minutes apart..again all in my back. I was literally about to break the hospital railings off my bed with each contraction! As much as I had originally wanted a natural birth I felt like if I continued this way not only would it stress baby girl more but it might slow things down. So I made the tough decision to get an epidural.

I didnt get it until 2:30am but when I did, it was night and day for me. I felt a lot more relaxed and focused. I was informed my platelets were low at 75000 (normal is 125-150,000) but they werent too concerned with that.

By 7am I was at 7cm dilated. My doctor came in to break my waters..didnít hurt as they were already bulging but she did see some meconium in it. Which meant baby took a little poop in the amniotic sac because she was feeling some distress. Labor continued and by 8:15 I started feeling some pain in my 9am the pain was getting unbareable and I called my nurse and she checked me and I was at 9.5 cm, so lets start pushing!

So from 9:15 I started pushing. It was very peaceful..just myself, the nurse and DH. My feet were not in stirrups; I was either on my back sitting up or on either side. It just started getting more intense..Im a quiet person and I just started yelling out through each contraction when pushing. It was really painful to the point of tears..nothing like when pushing with my son. What scared me too was that I had to be put on oxygen cause baby had some decels in her heart rate when I pushed.

My doctor came in at around 9:50 and started to help too, giving me techniques. I stopped the yelling and just pushed with all I had. Baby girl finally came to the world at 10:05 am weighing in at 5lbs. 14oz and 18 inches long. Guess why my labor was so painful and pushing took longer and was painful? Baby was posterior! (sunny side up)..I guess she wanted to really see the world!

They whisked her to the heating lamp area, wiped her down etc while doctor delivered my placenta. She told one of the nurses to bring it to pathology to test it but she was almost positive that my placenta was dying down causing baby not to grow and give her distress.

I was also told I should get tested for something called ITP because of my low platelets. Its a disease where your body just eats your own platelets for some reason and it usually flares up during pregnancy..otherwise youd never really know.

So heres my story 16 hours of labor, 8 of them done naturally, no tearing either!!. Thank you for reading. This birth to me was a far more pleasurable experience then my last. I had amazing nurses and an amazing doctor and I am so thankful to have my beautiful baby girl. <3

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