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September 10th, 2011, 01:18 PM
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Some more drinks that is not on the list for TTC A BOY:

Cream of tartar drink, You can't have any more than 7 tsp a day. You can add one tsp of cot to 1/2 tsp bs and 4 oz of water

Appe Cidar Vinegar with mother drink, two tblsp ACV in a 4 oz glas of water, three times a day.

Potassium Drink, 1 cup V8 2-6 heaped tbls. nutritional yeast flakes. Potassium- 800-1,800 mg. Protein- 8-24 grams.

Gelatin drink, for testosterone. You drink or eat one package of Gelatin 3 times a day from af to O. You want pure gelatin such as the kind made from Knox that has no suger and is therefore not very acidic.

Mineral water is OK to drink when ttc a boy as long as you can find one with no calcium or magnesium.

Caffeine can be consumed by the DH once a day- any more will affect the sperm count. DW can consume caffeine, but coffee and diet soda will lower pH.

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