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September 11th, 2011, 05:37 AM
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Now I want a BLT!!! It sounds fabulous!!! I always think it's ridiculous when you go to a restaurant and they have a BLT on the menu for some ridiculous price. We have a restaurant near here that charges $9 for one. And you can make them really healthy too if you use low fat mayo and whole grain bread. You could make them with turkey bacon but the flavor would not be the same at all. Sometimes it pays to have real bacon. I am definitely going to make a trip to the store today to get some BLT supplies!

I haven't worked out lately, but I have done a lot of cleaning and moving around so at least I've been active. Two nights ago we had salmon and asparagus for dinner...delicious! Last night we had lobster, corn, & salad. It was fabulous! Dipping the lobster in butter definitely makes it less healthy, but it's still good.

Today we'll be busy with my BF's daughter so it'll be another active day.

I did ovulate, thank goodness! I'm so happy that the Clomid made my body ovulate earlier. I was really hoping that's what would happen. It's weird because my temps were fairly high during the time I was taking the Clomid and then dropped when I stopped taking it. I wonder if that's what usually happens. I should go browse some charts on FF. Luckily, too, I'm only 3 DPO so I am not at all stressed and obsessive yet.

Melissa, how is the morning sickness going? Is your DH excited about starting his new job tomorrow?

Katie, how are you doing? Any new prospects in the job search? Do you have any good 2ww symptoms to obsess about?
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