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September 12th, 2011, 09:21 AM
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So, I've just gotten into week 16 and for the past 3/4 days my bowl system has gotten really bizzare! Like clock work around 5pm it goes 'explosive' I've got bombs going off in my stomach, and have to watch for the signal to sprint to the bathroom for some time with the 'throne'...... I don't want to gross anyone out so I will sum up what follows with the word 'Nasty' I then have to watch for 'round two' which will occur anywhere from 5-15 min later....... after that my stomach goes back to normal. I should state that this isn't just after I've eaten dinner or anything, but before, so nothings in my stomach really.

Anyone dealing with this? As far as I know, my diet hasn't changed, I haven't switched pre-natals or anything so..... What gives?

Unlike most ladies who get 'backed up' during early pregnancy I got more 'often' I'm just wandering if this is a re-peat? Do most ladies expirience another round of 'backed up' around this time in pregnancy?

What our bodies go through can really dumbfound a person!

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