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September 12th, 2011, 05:20 PM
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Yeah, if it was up to me, all the names would have a foreign Irish background, but DH is against it for pronunciation reasons. Many of my names were vetoed because of this. He likes the more 'Anglican' spelling.

I'm used to Padraig and Aedhon instead of Patrick and Aiden for example. I like names like Sioda, Finnegan, Murphy, Saoirse, Riordan, Sinead...but yeah a lot of those have been vetoed. Which I don't mind, I've been allowed to keep my main names (except for Gabriel which has nothing to do with Irish names I just liked it). But I'm wondering if he may allow Catríona but I have a feeling he'd say Catherine was better.

He loves traditional Basque names though, like Aitor, Iruñé and Maité, which I veto in return
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