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September 13th, 2011, 03:50 AM
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Originally Posted by melissalaw View Post
We had some yummy crab cakes for dinner. Now don't laugh Sarah but i used canned I know I'm not lucky enough to live right beside the ocean where i can get it often. They were still pretty good.

no workout for me today, just no motivation. I am hoping to get up tomorrow morning and get in a kettle bell (kettle workout in.
Oh trust me, I am definitely not laughing about the canned crabmeat! Even here, fresh crabmeat is really expensive. It's about $10.50 for 1/2 pound. It's ridiculous! Sometimes my BF catches crabs in his lobster traps and if he gets enough, he'll bring it home. BUT...then I have to pick it out and that takes me hours. It's a lot of work...which explains why it's so expensive. Crab cakes sound amazing! I will have to make some the next time he brings home some crabs.

Good luck with the kettle corn this morning! LOL! I've actually heard a ton of stuff about those kettle bells and that they provide a terrific workout! How are you feeling this morning?

I'll luckily not be away from JM for long today. On Tuesdays I'm working at my original job...but only for 1/2 day so I get the afternoon off! Yay!!

Katie, how are you feeling?
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