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September 13th, 2011, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by .:Shortcake:. View Post
Sarah I'm glad your day at work there went well And I have never eaten at Taco Bell ... ever lol. DH says I'm nuts. How are you feeling? Any 2WW symptoms?

Melissa I hope you have enough motivation to do your kettle corn today

No real symptoms for me now. Just exhausted but that's from life Hope you ladies have a wonderful day!
Are you serious??? You've never eaten at Taco Bell??? Wow! You are missing out! It is delicious!!! My favorites are the chalupas and soft taco supremes. The only thing that makes them supreme is that they have sour cream added to them...but it makes a big difference, lol.

The only 2ww "symptoms" that I've had so far are some cramping yesterday and today and crazy amounts of creamy CM. The CM is the strangest. It's more than I even have pre-O. I'm not taking too much stock in it though because I had a lot last cycle post-O's just more this cycle. I'm guessing the cramping is some sort of residual Clomid-induced ovulation thing.

Katie, I'm sorry you aren't having any symptoms. I hope it's your body playing tricks on you!! I'm sorry life is wearing you down so much! Any new prospects for jobs?

Melissa, how did your DH's first day at his new job go?
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