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September 13th, 2011, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by .:Shortcake:. View Post
Sarah I'm glad your day at work there went well And I have never eaten at Taco Bell ... ever lol. DH says I'm nuts. !
Okay that is too funny. I can't believe you have never eaten at taco bell. I haven't eaten there in awhile but when I was in college and had a little too much fun, we always ended up at taco bell late at night. And Sarah the sour cream is a must. I love the regular taco supremes. they are so yummy!!

Sarah I hope the creamy CM is a good sign. I didn't really have any symptoms during the 2WW so i don't think no symptoms is necessarily a bad thing. I'm looking forward to when you two test. i hope you get a BFP.

DH really likes his job and he said all the people he is working with are very nice. His boss at his last job was such a jerk and not very smart. His new boss is really nice and seems very knowledgeable which he says is a welcome change. I enjoyed having him home earlier. He used to get home an hour after me but yesterday it was about 15 minutes so he was able to help me make dinner which was awesome.

So no Kettle Corn for me this morning but I did manage to get up and do a circuit training workout for about 45 minutes. I did have to stop halfway through and got but afterwards I was able to finish my workout. Not sure how much longer the morning workouts will last but I just seem to have so much more motivation in the mornings that at night so hopefully I can keep it up.

I did have an egg mcmuffin from McDonald's for breakfast but they are not too bad for you. It was really good also. tonight we are having barbeque chicken assuming DH can remember to fill up our propane tank for our grill.

Hope you ladies have a wonderful day!! Glad you'll be here part of the day Sarah.

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