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September 13th, 2011, 09:10 AM
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My daughter was 7lbs. 9 oz. 21 inches and wore new born for about an entire month! I would suggest getting a few out-fits in new born, generally you really don't need that much anyway, and you will probably get a few at your shower anyway.

Like someone else already said every baby is different, but I'll tell you what my kids usually grow into and when.

I say new born is a nice fit at first, 0-3 is usually a little baggy, but they could wear them. My boys grew into 3-6 at 2 months of age, and continued growing into the next size about one month early. ex. 6-9 mth @ 5 month old, and so on. My daughter went in the next size pretty much right on according to the size.

Here is something to keep in mind, I don't know why it confused me at first but it did when I was a new mom. size 3mth and 0-3 mth are the same size. So if you have clothing that is sized 9 mths, that really means 6-9 mths. I was so upset to find this out around 9 mths and my son only got to wear some out-fits about 2 times before he outgrew them. I hope that all makes sense. I wish everyone would just lable things the same way but they don't.

I don't think my daughter will be needing any winter 6-9 mth clothing as it will be months late july thru sept. she may need a few long sleeves and pants for the cooler days but nothing winter heavy. I'm all the way up in Mass though, so we are on different weather patterns, 40-50 doesn't sound cold to me at all it will be neg zero - 30's when baby gets here It is hard for me to say what may work for you. I guess just go ahead figure out how old in what month, and go by that. They general say that you should dress baby as you would dress yourself, and then add a layer (but that is when they are really young) I also wouldn't add a layer if it is like 80 out or something.
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