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September 13th, 2011, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by .:Shortcake:. View Post
No news on the job front. Still watching for any jobs that come open just nothing around here right now.
I know what you mean. Things are really rough right now! It's frustrating! I've been mostly laid off from the architecture firm I work for since December and they've been able to keep me on a tiny bit, but no new clients are coming in. I've looked around here for jobs (even though I'd really like to stay with my current job) but there is hardly anything. I could work for peanuts, but I make more collecting unemployment so it's totally not worth it to me. It is really dismal! I'm seriously thinking of taking a medical transcription class and trying to get a job where I can work from home. That way, if things pick up at the law firm, I can go to part time doing MT. Having 2 jobs would be awesome! Especially if I'm going to afford twins! LOL! Katie, have you thought about doing something like that? I have a friend who does it and it's so great because she can stay at home with her kids.

Originally Posted by melissalaw View Post

So no Kettle Corn for me this morning but I did manage to get up and do a circuit training workout for about 45 minutes. I did have to stop halfway through and got but afterwards I was able to finish my workout. Not sure how much longer the morning workouts will last but I just seem to have so much more motivation in the mornings that at night so hopefully I can keep it up.

I did have an egg mcmuffin from McDonald's for breakfast but they are not too bad for you. It was really good also. tonight we are having barbeque chicken assuming DH can remember to fill up our propane tank for our grill.
Melissa, you are a mega super trooper!! WOW!! I don't think I would keep working out after getting sick! You are amazing!!

Egg McMuffins are my favorite!!! I might have to get one tomorrow! My problem is that I'm also addicted to the hash browns and those are definitely not healthy!

I think we'll have ham for dinner...I'm not sure yet about veggies...probably some broccoli. I love fresh steamed broccoli. I like to toss it in olive oil, chicken broth, garlic, & white wine too. It's delicious!
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