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September 14th, 2011, 04:41 AM
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Originally Posted by pepper73 View Post
I know what you mean. Things are really rough right now! It's frustrating! I've been mostly laid off from the architecture firm I work for since December and they've been able to keep me on a tiny bit, but no new clients are coming in. I've looked around here for jobs (even though I'd really like to stay with my current job) but there is hardly anything. I could work for peanuts, but I make more collecting unemployment so it's totally not worth it to me. It is really dismal! I'm seriously thinking of taking a medical transcription class and trying to get a job where I can work from home. That way, if things pick up at the law firm, I can go to part time doing MT. Having 2 jobs would be awesome! Especially if I'm going to afford twins! LOL! Katie, have you thought about doing something like that? I have a friend who does it and it's so great because she can stay at home with her kids.

Sarah I've look into doing the medical transcription here but we don't have a demand for it. I think I'm going to check into it again though I know what you mean about jobs and money. The ones I find wouldn't pay me enough to drive to and from there each day.

Originally Posted by melissalaw View Post
Sarah the hasbrowns at McDonald's are awesome. I have a hard time resisting them also. Your brocolli sounds awesome. I think I may have to try that.

I know I'm crazy working out after getting sick. DH laughs at me and thinks I'm nuts. Not sure how much longer the morning workouts will last.

My sister in law does medical transcription from her home and takes care of her two kids, a 2 and 3 year old, while she works. Not sure how she gets any work done. But she makes pretty good money and I believe there is a pretty high demand for medical transcriptionist. I say look into it and see if its for you. And yes it will definitely be a great job while taking care of your twins!!

Lol yeah I could not work out after I was sick. I would be like screw that and go lay down or something. Are certain foods worse than others for you right now with getting sick?

Hope you ladies have an amazing day!

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