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September 14th, 2011, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by pepper73 View Post
Katie, my friend who does it found a job with a national company who I guess gets contracts from hospitals all across the country. These hospitals send in their audio to the MT company and then my friend downloads (or something similar) them, does the transcription, and then submits it to her company. This allows her to work anywhere she wants. The course she took to learn everything has a job placement program so that's how she found her job. Without taking the course, it would be nearly impossible to find an MT job like that where you can work from home. I think I'm going to look into getting a grant from the state to pay for the course (even if I can't, it's only like $1500 or something). With the one my friend did, she had a year to complete it...but you can easily finish it before then...depending on motivation.
Can you send me the information on it? That sounds like something I'd like to look into. DH messaged me today and said that he is going to look for a part-time job in the evening to put money back so I can quit here. I really don't want to leave without having something else.

Originally Posted by melissalaw View Post
Good Morning Ladies. No workout for me this morning. I'm really tired right now. It's hard to get motivated to do anything. Maybe tonight I'll have some motivation but I doubt

Katie in the mornings I believe I'm sick because I don't have anything on my stomach. It seems like as long as I keep something on my stomach at all times I'm okay. I'm trying to snack on healthy things like oranges and grapes. Although last night DH made some barbeque chicken and the smell of it made me sick.

I know what you ladies mean about jobs being far and few between. I file alot of bankruptcy cases and many of my clients have lost their jobs and have been looking for a long time for another one but there is just not alot out there right now.

Sarah I think buttermilk pork chops would be awesome. I have never thought of that. I may have to try that someday soon. DH is going to stop on his way home tonight and get us some fajita's. they have just been sounding so good lately.

How are you both feeling? Any symptons?
Melissa I think as long as your snacking healthy you should be fine right now if your not up to exercising The morning sickness is a really great sign!

I'm feeling fine lol. No real symptoms So just basically waiting for AF to show in a few days.

Sarah how about you?

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