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September 14th, 2011, 08:54 AM
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Well, I have been pregnant 3 times with only one child to show for it .

My first pregnancy I had every single pregnancy symptom in the book as in morning sickness, joint pain in hips, felt kicks around 19 wks, fatigue, was popping early , and moodiness. To have all this to end up losing your little one at 20 wks 5 day it's like what because you hope that you have pregnancy symptoms making you believe that everything is all right even when you had your 18 wk u/s OB says things look good then just a couple weeks later it changes with no warning that it happened .

My 2nd time I was pregnant I ended up losing that pregnancy early on but this time it actually showed signs of loss coming even tho I wanted to do natural m/c I had to end up with an Emergency D&C .

My third pregnancy which resulted in being a good one with a healthy boy which suprisingly I really had no symptoms with it as I only had one quick symptom that lasted for about 3 wks as in severe shoulder pain. I did end up with preterm labor more than once then I had to be induced at 40 wks. I was also more watched during this pregnancy than I was with my first and 2nd pregnancy which was a good thing to be able to keep a more watchful eye on your little one but it truthfully didn't really lessen my fear or worries about it .

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