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September 14th, 2011, 08:57 AM
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Don't just assume that the coffee in the coffeemaker is regular caffeinated coffee. I learned my lesson yesterday morning when after two cups of "coffee" I dozed off in the family room with the girls. When my eyes closed, Abri was sitting on the piano bench banging on the piano keys. A few minutes later I didn't hear the piano so I jumped up. Abri decided it was a good idea to climb onto the back of the loveseat from the piano bench and go head first onto the seat of the loveseat. . I caught her sliding down the back cushions with a big smile on her face. After I grabbed her and put her on the floor, I went to look at the coffee beans. Surre enough, DH put decaf in the coffeemaker. No wonder I couldn't stay awake. Bad Mommy.

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