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September 14th, 2011, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by KelliMom View Post
We have talked about it a little bit, but I just don't know how to go about it. Am I just supposed to call funeral homes in the area and tell them to expect my baby?! How does anyone know how to prepare for this? I have no idea what cremation would cost or even if we'd be able to afford it or how to handle it all. It's not just something you can google (or maybe I just don't want to)....
The night we found out DS no longer had a heartbeat, we contacted the Pastor at our church. He was able to point us in the direction of a good funeral home, as well as some other resources, like a good florist. I believe, although my memory is foggy, that he contacted the funeral director for us and everything was set up (the pick-up from the hospital) before DS was even born. We then went to the funeral home the following day to make the arrangements. We chose to bury our DS and so we were able to provide an outfit as well as a blanket for him to be placed in and we placed a family picture as well as a stuffed animal from his brother in the casket before they closed it. Financially, the funeral and burial plot cost us around $1300. I would ask when you decide if they have any special programs/payment plans that could help. Also, some places have a special "baby" section in the cemetary. One local cemetary did, but we decided to go someplace where we could purchase the plots next to DS so we could all be buried together.

I'm sorry that you have found yourself here, joining us, and asking these questions. But the ladies here are great, and have a wealth of information to help in the process.
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