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September 14th, 2011, 09:46 AM
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I think every baby is different and all clothes are different. A few posters have mentioned babies close to the size of mine wearing NB clothes. Maggie was 7 lbs 13oz and 20.5 inches long and wore NB for maybe a week. Maggie was a fast grower though and her clothes sizes never followed her age. I agree with everyone that buying as the seasons come seem to work best for us.

I just wanted to through this out there too....I wouldn't spend a lot of money on cute outfits, jackets etc. in our experience (we had the first girl on one side and the first grandchild/girl/greatgrandchild on the other) we had soooo many cute little IMPRACTICLE clothes. Maggie was also a February baby and for convenience, comfort, and warmth she pretty much wore only sleepers until warm weather came around (late May-early June).

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