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September 14th, 2011, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by KelliMom View Post
I have had so many people tell me about NILMDTS and I am so grateful because I don't think it is something I would have thought about! I contacted a local coordinator in my area.

We have talked about it a little bit, but I just don't know how to go about it. Am I just supposed to call funeral homes in the area and tell them to expect my baby?! How does anyone know how to prepare for this? I have no idea what cremation would cost or even if we'd be able to afford it or how to handle it all. It's not just something you can google (or maybe I just don't want to)....

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome in this new community I find myself... I really appreciate all of your responses and your support.
I just don't know what questions to ask or how to "prepare" I guess and I knew I needed to come somewhere where people could understand.
My hospital had a program and nurses that helped me with things I knew nothing about...They contacted NILMDTS (which I ended up not using), and the funeral home...Also, many places will cremate stillborn babies for free...I had Ella cremated, and all I had to do was buy an urn (which was a hard choice)...Something i'm glad I did was take some memento's (her own blanket, some toys and other small things)...It's nice to have things that were ment for her and I can look at now (we took her pictures with things)...The hospital was also good about giving us things (clothes, hat etc)...I'm going to ditto to taking pictures, and lots of them...I'm so glad for the pictures I Took, and I thought i had enough and almost 2 years later i'm wishing I had more pictures...Spend as much time with her as you want, don't let anyone make you feel like you shouldn't...I kept her in my room for over 19 hours after her birth, and it still wasn't enough time...It's something you wont ever get back.
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