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September 14th, 2011, 02:25 PM
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O.K so I'm off to Aussie on Oct 11th and Ill be 24 weeks (I think) it is an overseas trip, 3hrs 30min...

I've heard that things to be careful or at least be aware of are... flying at altitude can affect blood circulation increase risk of blood clots combined with sitting still for a long period of time. Sooo thats cool if I just get up and walk every hour. Perhaps wear some SEXY compression stockings?

But the other thing I have a problem with (especially descending into Brisbane airport) is landing and my ears/head! Whenever I visit Aussie and in particular Brisbane airport, the descent is very steep and my head and ears feel like they are going to EXPLODE! I have cried (as an adult yes!) at the excessive pain it causes me. But If I take a nasal spray a few days before, it clears my sinuses up enough for the pain to be minimal. Now being preggers Im not sure if I can take this nasal spray (flixonase) as it contains some cortisone. The saline sprays do NOTHING! Earplugs don't really help.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to take or if perhaps it IS safe to take that spray since it's only for a couple of days either side of flying?
I am hoping DD has no cold or ear infection by the time we have to leave because I can't imagine the pain she will go through if she does!

I will ask my doctor if you guys or a pharmacist can't give me an answer, but that means paying 40 bucks just to ask a silly question.

Thanks Ladies!!!!

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