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September 15th, 2011, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by mylene169 View Post
Also, here's my big confession... Kaija was this age when I got pregnant with Kolbie and I totally got up with her in the morning, turned on the tv and then slept for another hour on the couch

I'm an awful mom.
You're not an awful mom!!

I was able to do this when Rylee was young. But with Alivia....I can't. LOL But I want to soooo bad....mostly now because I am so sleep deprived with the new baby, but that is the biggest reason I cannot doze off, I cannot trust her around the baby. But even alone, I'd be so scared what she'd be doing..she is very mischievous.

Quick funny story...when I fell asleep one time when Rylee was 2.5, she cut my hair. I woke up to her chopping my hair in the front....eeeekkk... Now that is an awful mom. hahaha!
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