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September 15th, 2011, 10:15 AM
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My Carter has apraxia, his twin, Reece, does not. Reece just made ALL A's on his midterm. Carter Did not. im sad for Carter and happy for Reece. they both understand the material and do great work, in their own ways. Carter needs some extra help with his reading and writing. I already work extra games into his spelling work and they both are starting the writing club at the library (starts this sat. we were unable to do it throught the summer due to schedualing so this is exciting ).

So, im looking for some reading "help" for a BOY with apraxia of speech. worksheets, game ideas,etc. i have soem ideas of my own and we love crafts. anything additional would be a great help.

waiting on the speech therapist and teacher to call me back about his grades. i will be asking the therapist for suggestions but thought another mom who went through similer type of needs could help.


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