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September 19th, 2011, 01:46 PM
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KatieL - I am so sorry... how frustrating! I am so used to that with the HMO I have here in CA. There are two things I know for certain. I will not deliver on my due date and my OB will not be delivering my baby. Here, it is whatever OB is at the hospital delivering when it is your time. I have heard of some women getting a cahnge in OB mid push!

JenJen - Congrats!!!

Tiffany - Yeah for girls!! My first was supposed to be a boy (according to 2 ultrasounds)! I named my son Aidyn Sterling... My daughter, Aidyn Sterling will be turning 7 in November!! I just kept the name since I had been calling her Aidyn for 20 weeks inutereo!

AFM - I am 10 weeks, 1 day today. Had my first OB appt and the bleeding is all but gone. OB says she would alomost consider me perfectly normal! We decided to go public today, Facebook and Twitter public that is. So nice to be out of the closet! I am still very sick, so OB perscribed me a few anti-nas meds that I get tonight. She wanted me to check into hospital to get a few bags of fluids, but I refused since I don't feel nearly as bad today as last week. I can't remember what she called it, but the lay term is severe morning sickness. Here is keeping my fingers crossed that my barfing days are soon over. I've lost 13lbs since transfer date!
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