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September 20th, 2011, 12:32 PM
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so at almost exactly 37 weeks, i start having cramps at work. i just assume its from the strenuous work i do [house cleaner.. i get no breaks!] and passed it off. i had a doctor appointment after work and when i described to her what i was feeling, she said "those are contractions!" and she checked my cervix. "4cm dilated and totally effaced! lets get you monitored!"
i go sit down in that giant comfy chair with the monitor on..and the contractions fade away.

this goes on for 3 whole weeks. it started getting really bothersome at work. my doctor tells me.. "we really should induce you since you are so ready.." and i reluctantly agreed to be scheduled for an amniotomy on july 10th.

well, july 9th rolls around. im getting ready to go to the farmers market with my family. i start having contractions again [maybe the two mile walk worked?] and i was about to put them off as false labor again until they started hitting really hard! and we were off to the hospital.

we got there at around 10 am. i got admitted, settled in, and monitored. i had my best friend/camera girl, parents, parents-in-law, and husband in the room with me. the nurse checked my cervix as soon as i got there. 8 cm! an hour later it bumped to 9cm. i refused the epidural but i caved for stadol. i probably wouldnt have if she hadnt asked me mid-contraction!

that pesky 10 took a couple hours as i drifted in and out of sleep. finally, when it came, my doctor mentioned part of my cervix was still in the way. she told me to not push. i couldnt not push.. it was too instinctual! well, after finally getting the go to really push, an hour later abigail was born.. face up!
she was plopped onto my chest and upon gazing into her giant dark blue eyes staring back at me silently..she pooped. all over me.
darn girl just liked to make things difficult!

so the nurse took her to score her apgar. she got an 8, then 9. absolutely no jaundice. she did have a mighty cone-head and bruise from being face-up and having her head wedged in my cervix for 3 weeks. she then had a bath and i got up to watch. she loved it, and to this day, baths are one of her favorite past times.

i politely declined the vitamin k and erythmit..-eye ointment [if i cant even remember how to spell it i definitely dont want it on my baby lol!]

so all in all, a 5-6 hour labor, excluding the 3 weeks of early labor leading up to it, wasnt too bad. abigail cried for a moment but stopped as soon as i got her put on my chest and didnt cry again until she got her heel pricked. and then, only for a couple seconds [man i wish her second heel prick was like that.. she bawled and bawled. the nurse pricked her waaay too deep..poor baby..]

that night, my husband stayed in the room with me and abigail [she wasnt allowed to leave the room]. we cuddled with her and dressed her in our favorite outfit. we played with her dark mop of hair and long fingers and toes. and she pooped. there was so much poop.

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