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September 21st, 2011, 04:49 AM
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*UPDATE: Baby is FINE!!! His heartbeat is in the 150s, and he is exactly where I was feeling the pain yesterday. MW said he is really growing and thats the pain I was feeling. Got iron tested, thats good, got my flu shot too!! So basically they gave me a full on visit Sooo glad little man is okay!!

Felt an elbow or something roll last night.....sooo totally cool! Little guy was very active last night but I was up from 4am-5:30am this morning hoping he is okay. I wonder if the way I sleep at night has something to do with the stabby pain I had yesterday because this morning when I got up to pee it felt really gassy and hurt on the side I was sleeping on. Not necessarily hurt, just uncomfortable. Its fine now,but I am still really gassy. I know little guy is fine, I just worry. My personal diagnosis is round ligament pain with bad constipation/digestion problems. My appointment is at 9am EST and I'll update you asap

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