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September 21st, 2011, 09:01 AM
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hi there! I am excited to see what you could come up with for my request! Here are the details

We are having a baby girl named "Natalya" She is due December 2011. My husband is a U.S. Sailor currently deployed, and should be home in time I love pink aqua and purple.

As for a saying maybe something along the lines of "Anxiously awaiting the homecoming of my U.S. Sailor and the arrival of our daughter late 2011" Him and I have been together since 2003. Married since 2007. Currently living in Japan. Umm.... This is our final deployment during this tour. Maybe something could be incorporated into it about that. I hope I'm not going overboard
Maybe something slightly patriotic also, maybe with the American and Japanese flag, considering she will be born here, but is American. I'm completely open minded and I know I will enjoy anything you come up with

Here are a few photos for you to work with! Have fun!!

(earlier ultrasound of her, but the latest that I have that you can actually make out her body frame)


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