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September 21st, 2011, 10:27 AM
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We've covered prime time tv, but what do you guys watching during the day? I tend to have the tv on all day just for backround noise while i am online, playing with m, cooking, cleaning etc so i'm "watching" most of the day.

Depending on what time M is finished with breakfast he'll watch a show or two in the morning..

at 10am i watch Rachel Ray
11am - The View
12pm - The news
12:30- Who wants to be a millionaire (really, this is just filler bec/ i dont feel like changing the channel between The View and my soaps)
1pm - All my Children - YES i admit it, i've watched it most of my life and i'm really sad about it ending this Friday. I actually had stopped watching it for a few years (i would watch whatever is on TLC at this time instead) but when i heard it was ending i started watching again to see how things wrapped up..
2pm - One Live To Live
3pm - Ellen (used to watch Sesame street, but when we switched cable the time it was on changed)
4pm - news again... then the evening is whatever until shows come on at 8

I've been meaning to check out Anderson Coopers new show, i like him... and i'll probably watch The Chew also once AMC is gone

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