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September 22nd, 2011, 01:37 PM
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Hmmmm I wonder if there is such a 'low dose' of the Butalbital in the drug that it would be fine to use occasionally? When you have an ONGOING headache and nothing works it is soooo frustrating. I too feel like you, why should I compromise my baby when I just have a headache that I could put up with. Then I think well I have had this headache for a week now, im losing sleep, getting ****** at DD and DH, can't bring myself to do housework or cook dinner... it's then that I pop Tylenol.

I think you need to be happy and pain free and I'm sure your doc wouldn't give to u unless the benefit outweighed the risk? (or is it the risk outweighs the benefit?.... it's too early! but you know what I mean

Maybe ring another doc for a second opinion?

Whatever the case I think you are fine taking it once in a while, maybe alternate with plain tylenol?

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