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September 22nd, 2011, 02:58 PM
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Jenn, your bum statement reminds me of a story . Years ago, I was starting a Master's Program in Literature and I arrive early at one of my very first classes--a few of us trickle in and sit around a conference table. An older man walks in and looks rather unkempt--hair longish and messy, stubble, clothes old stained and ratty. He just looks around the room and my first thought was that a homeless guy had walked in (which seemed very odd since it was a small community that up to this point had shown no signs of a homeless population. He looked like he belonged in the city I had recently moved from....). Turns out he was the professor.....and that he often looked that way and even acknowledged that he sometimes got mistaken for a homeless man Last I saw him, he was dressing better because he had become Chair of the department
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