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September 23rd, 2011, 03:07 PM
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The swap shop board is open to everyone, anyone is permitted to sell, however the hosts reserve the right to have any post removed if we feel the seller or listing is suspicious.


Sales, purchases and swaps will be made with the understanding that this is at your own risk. We do our very best to make sure that only legit mamas are selling/trading, but every-so-often, one may slip through the cracks. Neither JM nor the hosts are at fault if the transaction goes wrong. There are no feedback forums available here on JM, so make your decisions to sell/buy/swap wisely, and be friendly. Ask questions! If an interested mama has a question about an item they can post it in the thread so all can see the response, but NO exchange of personal information should take place in the thread. Any personal info and purchase arrangements should be given/made via PM.

Protecting yourself is a must. It would be wise to keep ALL PM's or correspondences between yourself and the buyer/seller/trader until the transaction is complete, i.e. the item(s) is/are in hand and are exactly as described. If you have a problem and you have no record of contacts between the two of you, the hosts will be unable to help you.

You are responsible for updating your posts. When an item has sold or is no longer available, do not make a reply stating that it is sold as that will bump it, instead, edit the body AND title of the original post to add "SOLD, TRADED, or GONE" at the beginning of the description, and remove any post title emoticons. The same goes for ISO/Wanted posts. Keep your thread title up to date and when you are no longer ISO anything, edit your thread title to say, "Thank You, No Longer ISO" or something along those lines.


FSOT (For Sale or Trade) POSTS
When posting an item for sale, please Title your post "FSOT ______" or "FS ______" and briefly describe your item(s). Having the size(s) in the title is very helpful as well. In your post, describe what condition the item is in and your asking price and forms of payment accepted. Include pics if possible. Once your item has sold, please edit your title to say so.

Common FSOT Abbreviations
FS = for sale
FSOT = for sale or trade
ISO = in search of
FFS = free for shipping (meaning an item is free but you pay shipping costs)
PPD = postage paid (includes shipping)
EUC = excellent used condition
VGUC = very good used condition
GUC = good used condition
UC = used condition
CC = credit card (Always ask before using CC PayPal. Please be prepared to cover fees in most cases. Use www[dot]ppcalc[dot]com to calculate fees.)
PP = PayPal, a form of online payment.
RME = Revolution Money Exchange, another form of online payment.
DC = Delivery Confirmation - a USPS service obtained at the time of mailing

If you have anything you wish to add to this list please feel free to PM me.

Happy Swapping!

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