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September 23rd, 2011, 07:12 PM
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I finally had my first semi-regular contractions yesterday! So exciting, and so glad they waited to arrive until I hit full term. I had a whopping 4 an hour for 2 hours, then they went away. I know, not exactly the most exciting thing every, but it was enough to get DH's blood pumping, even though (a) they weren't that strong, and (b) they went away. Since I'd had a handful of contractions, my doc checked my cervix at my regularly-scheduled appointment today (BTW, I really liked this doc too, so, there's one doc I've seen so far who seemed so-so but certainly not bad, and the rest have been awesome) and surprise surprise, zero dilation. I mean, a dozen contractions certainly weren't going to get things going for real, right? DH was relieved (I think he's just not ready for Maggie to come yet) and I wasn't sad because I didn't think I'd be dilated at all anyway.

Got my Group B Strep results, and it was positive, so I can look forward to some shots during labor. I also got my flu shot today, and the doc recommended a pertussis shot after I give birth, but I told her I'm allergic to the vaccine. So she told DH to get one, and he said he would--we are an uber vaccinating family, since Jim is immune-compromised.

I have to say, I'm TIRED but emotionally I feel a lot better than I did when I was getting the P17 shots. I managed to make it through Sunday/Monday/Tuesday without any crying fits! I did have one on Wednesday, but that was after putting up with Jim being a total snot all evening. This week my parents are watching him (our daycare provider is on a much-deserved cruise to Alaska) and he's been super good for them, which he seems to think means he can just completely refuse to follow directions with his dad and I. Hoping next week when he gets back into the routine of daycare, things will even back out with him.
~Beth in Seattle

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