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September 24th, 2011, 12:40 PM
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Do whatever you want and makes you feel comfortable.

Matt and I had decided on the name Cora Rei before we were even engaged. When we were told that she had died, we briefly considered naming her something else, and giving another child the name Cora.

But we'd been calling her by her name for months, and we realized that she was Cora, and nobody else, and nobody else was Cora. We've given all of our children different names.

I would LOVE for one of my children to name their daughter for my Cora, either first or middle name. My mother has the middle name of a brother who died, I have the middle name of my dad's sister who died, and I gave my most recent baby the middle name of my sister who was stillborn. But I will not be naming another child Cora's name. It isn't something I would do if she hadn't died, so I think it would hurt me too much to do it.
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