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September 24th, 2011, 07:06 PM
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I am 24 weeks 2 days. I am showing, but not huge or anything (especially compared to how big I was with my twins!!!!). I have never had morning sickness---with either pregnancy. I like to have a nap everyday and all, but I really don't feel pregnant. She moves like crazy, so I know she is okay!! It's just a lot of people that are the same stage of pregnancy as me complain about how uncomfortable they are and how miserable pregnancy is now. Pregnancy is only a mental problem with me......bc of what happened with Kyleigh and Myleigh, I always assume the worst!! I don't know if my last pregnancy being soooooooooooo complicated makes this one a complete and total breeze or what. (At 21 weeks, I was the size of a woman carrying one baby who was overdue.) Will everything catch up to me in the last trimester or am I just incredibly lucky??? ----I might just be having an overly optimistic day....tomorrow I might feel like crap!
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