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September 25th, 2011, 01:08 AM
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Sorry, I do love that song though

What a night Ive had here in my summer home, 3.5hrs away from home.......

Missy, I tried to text you, but my blackberry shut down and lost the 4 part text that was coming your way, lol.....

So I saw my doc on Thursday, everything was great, NST, no contractions, etc...... So, I think I will squeeze one more weekend away at our summer home, which is 3.5hrs away. I like to stop coming her about 36wks, so perfect!

Get here at 9:30pm on Friday night.....contractions start at midnight...has me up all night, but nothing to bad....just pre-labor, nothing more than strong bh's every 20min. Go about my day on Saturday, but the contractions still come all day every 20min apart. Decide to get checked after I go out for a nice mexican dinner, lol. Hospital does not have a l&d here, need to get checked by the on call regular dr. (not an obgyn). He gives me a internal and proceeds to tell me that Im "VERY DIALTED". I ask how much, "3 or 4"? and he says, no "VERY DIALATED". Ok........I then say "Are you sure"? He says, "I can feel the baby's head". I say, theres no way, Im in NO PAIN. Just contracting regulary now for 24hrs with pelvic pressure, but I think I'd know if I were in active labor. He say's I need to go to the nearest L&D via AMBULANCE, as Im "ALMOST COMPLETE", Im like "Dude, there's no freakn way", can I get a second opinion? No one else on staff at the ER!!!!!!! Shi*, I'd prefer the receptionist to stick her fingers up me at this point, as this guy was no where near my cervix, lol......I even ask him, are you sure you touched my cervix? He say's "Well to be honest, I dont do these exams alot, but Im pretty sure". OMG, really? So off I go via ambulance, laughing the whole way with only a few contractions, but mind you, Im COMPLETE?????????

Get to the hospital, DR's all ready for delivery, nurses rush by, and I beg to go pee......get out of the restroom and stand there having a casual conversation with the on call OB and he starts to laugh at my ordeal. Get checked out, Im only 1cm dialated and 70% efaced. ***???????? I knew it. Hell, I cant even touch my own cervix as of today, but this other dr. had me wondering if I even know my female parts correctly, lol.

So I went from crowning, a top priority ambulance ride, to being only 1cm dialated........I was like, "if Im in active labor and crowning, I want TLC's, I did not know I was pregnant, cause this was the only time I ever second guessed Moral of the story?????? There is none, expect I should of stayed home and not come out this far in pregnancy, lol.
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