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September 26th, 2011, 02:50 AM
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SO, this is the full version. I'll try and add some pics too.

Friday noontime I got my membranes stripped and they said I would be delivered by due date if I didn't go beforehand because my bloodpressure kept fluctuating up and down. I was 2.5 cm and 70% effaced and Liam was at -1 station..And let me tell you I was ready to hear that! So, excitedly, I told DH, and we were planning on him working overtime that weekend and getting last minute things ready. Because it was 7 day countdown!

So I rewashed all Liam's clothes, and swept and did some dishes etc. repacked the diaper bag with NB clothes, and got the hospital bag double checked. Dh texted me to say he was staying a bit late at work. I was achey still which I chalked up to the stripping, and around midnight I took a shower and went to bed. 2am I woke up abruptly and had 3 quick contractions. I heard DH in the livingroom, and told him to take a shower. He smelled like work, metal and submarines and gross. Of course he argues with me that he's not ready for bed yet.

"I'm having contractions, if they are real, and I don't want you smelling."

He took the shower. I started timing on my phone app I downloaded (Yeah I'm cool) and they were averaging around 3:45 minutes and 20-30 seconds long. Which isn't long duration. And they were hurting but nothing I couldn't breathe through. I kept singing the abc's to see if I could speak through them. I wrote a small list of things to do before heading to the hospital.

Yes, on the list was to give the cat a bath. He looked at me like I was speaking french when I asked him that. But he did it. He also cleaned out the car (ish, I found out later) and packed the last stuff for the hospital.

Around this time I had been at it for an hour, so I gave the family center a call to page my midwife. She happens to live in my town, and knows the drive well. She called back (sounded asleep lol) and said it was on the early side but rather be safe than sorry, aka better be safe than delivering on the side of the highway. I don't want to wake everyone up for nothing, so I give it another half hour or so, and we watch the Roast of Charlie Sheen. Which is hilarious.

So it's about 3:30-4, I give my mom a call, and she brings my sister over to nap on the couch and to be with DD when she wakes, and my mom drives us over to the hospital so my sister can have my car at home in case she needs to drive DD anywhere.

SO, have to mention, while we were waiting for my mom to show up, I was kneeling by the couch, and DH totally slapped my a s s, that's right, a big ole butt-smack. I was like, seriously. You are the only man in existance, whose wife is about to pop out a kid, and you think its hot! I think he was just excited, but really. What a goof.

So hospital. DH and I are still not sure we'll be admitted, so my mom goes for coffee and brings one back for DH, its around 5:30am. He hasn't slept since 8 the previous morning. I got put on monitors for 20 minutes (policy) and checked, I'm a good 3.5-4 and Liam is low, -1,0. and 80% effaced. So progress.

While on monitors, my water breaks. Mom/DH heard it, and thought it was a big kick. I guess I had a weird look on my face (it was gross) and I had DH ring the nurse, I peeked and it was a lot, all over the bed, but clear. And gross. Felt so **** gross. But it was a clear admitting it was babyday!

*DH admitted later he thought I wasn't in labor, and even I was worried, because I was handling it so well*

So contractions sucked on those monitors. And so after 20 more minutes (again policy) post water breaking, I got to get off and get up and walk. So I got johnny'd and mesh pantied, and got ready to roll. We took 10 big laps, then sent my mom home, and I told DH to get the tub going, it was around 6:30 at that point, and things were getting rough. I start hitting the "Oh crap, I can't do this" stage. Poor DH heard that for hours.

I get in tub thinking it'll help. It did slightly. I liked standing more, but nothing was comfy. Midwife popped her head in, and so did the new nurse, to say hi. DH was "bouncing" the door for me, so I could concentrate. Then in the middle of a "Adam, I can't do this, no I can't" jag, I felt the need to PUSH, and I was like, crap, wayyy to early, I'm going to rip myself wide open! So I start panicking, and remember if you look up when you feel pushy your muscles lose a lot of their power, so I'm trying to do that and freaking out.

DH gets me out of the tub and onto the bed *SO UNCOMFY* to get checked, and I'm 8.5cm and 90% effaced. And I look at DH and he looks at me, and he doesn't know it, but I know it means transition is on its way and it's the hardest part. I never ended up getting off the bed, they needed to check Liam's heart, and then the contractions were so close together I didn't really move. I kept saying it was too early to push but I needed to, etc etc. The midwife said "Honey your body knows what its doing, trust it, you can so do it, etc if you need to push then push, it might feel good"

Which is good because I had 0 control and was ready to excorcist-crawl off of that table. Yay transition. So I'm in my own world, on my side to try and turn Liam to come out easier, crying, clamped on to DH's arm, and they are setting up the room for delivery.

My body decided it was push time, and man, I was certain my pelvis wouldn't open. I had a nurse holding my leg to try and open it more so he could fit, and that was SO painful during contractions, and I kept telling everyone to stop, and leave me alone and just take him out etc etc that I needed an epidural.

So my midwife says just a little bit of cervix and he will come right out, and then a few pushes later starts trying to push the cervix back and holy KJHFIHGLDKJFYEHU that hurt the worst!!! I almost screamed bloody murder. At this point I had 0 control over my body, I just kept trying to breathe, it was involuntary pushing, and it almost felt like seizures, my whole body would just contract-push.

And I remember while everything was going on below thinking, well, at least I got to poop this time, because I totally did. The things you can tell with no numbness is great.

It took a bit to me, but I guess it was quick in reality, and I pushed him out. I yelled, someone get him OUT, and my midwife said "reach down and you do it!" but I was too shaky, so DH got to, he pulled him out and put him on my belly. Which he said he was so scared to do, but I was so happy!! He was a very inactive role in both of the girls' births, and he was SUCH a part of Liams'!

I'm crying, Liam's crying, Adam's crying and I just keep saying "Hi little man, Hi Liam" over and over, and I could feel the cord over my hoo-ha, and it was so sensitive, like right after sex, and it was weird. They asked if I wanted them to take Liam, and the midwife said I was bleeding too much so it'd be better, and so I agreed, and I was watching them bathe and weigh etc. I was still in pain because of all the blood loss, and they are giving me a shot to try and stop it, also complained I hated shots, and then put 4 tablets up my butt (no joke, the midwife apologized for the insult to injury) and PUSHING on my stomach. I thought the pushing on stomach was bad with DD, no way, this was 10000 x worse, due to the bleeding. She did it for almost 10 minutes I swear, and it hurt so bad. I was begging them to stop, etc.

Once they got that under control, I had a 1st degree tear and midwife said it'd only be one stitch. I was like "No, leave it alone!" She said it'd heal on its own, just would make the healing process a little worse for me. I didn't care, I wanted everyone away from my body! My poor stomach!

Each nurse and midwife said they were super impressed, that I did so great, pushed lovely etc.

Liam ended up being 8lbs 7oz, and 20 inches long born at 7:57am and apgars were 8/9.

DH told me in the middle of the shots etc, and I was like: TOLD YOU HE WAS BIG!!!!! no one believed me, Dani was small (even for preemie) and Lily was small, and I was convinced he was big, and my usual midwife PROMISED he would be close to 8lbs but not over when I brought it up to her a couple weeks back.

I was AMAZED I pushed out an 8lb 7oz baby with 0 meds. Still am. SO many people said you have no clue how hard it is with a full term baby etc etc, if you needed meds with DD, you'll definitely need them if he's 7lbs etc.


Immediately after birth he was hungryyy (like I was when I was born, apparently) and he's been a great eater, until tonight (he's too comfy with his daddy tonight).

DH told me after that my level of violent (ripping his arm off) was "kinda hot if I ignored what was going on"


I felt great and within the hour ate breakfast and got to shower, my blood loss was significant but not enough to make me stay in the hospital longer (I was asking to go home asap). Just on a take-it-easy order, and need to pick up some prescription Iron supplements to help re-boost my blood supply.

And the important part! Pics! Got to go home at about 30hrs post birth!

Once we were more settled DD loved Liam! Wanted to help, we have to keep an eye on her because she can get rough and she makes us all nervous around his head but she is really sweet, and generally super gentle. He likes her voice, and she likes to point out her "brother baby"

So that's Liam's arrival, due October 2nd, born September 24th.
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