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September 26th, 2011, 08:02 AM
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they are still doing well with feedings. they are up to like 18cc's now! they still aren't taking much of a bottle yet though. they still need to get the sucking swallowing down. i think Keely took like 10 of hers by bottle yesterday afternoon then pooped out. and Kenley wouldn't even really wake up to eat. so they are still using the tube. as for IV's though, they are supposed to be off them today! they were even going to take Kenley's umbilical one out. oh and she's been off her oxygen for a couple days and doing awesome! she is now under the bili lights though but I knew that would happen eventually. so now we just need them to gain a pound and maintain their body temps to get out of the isolets..

we left the hospital yesterday and it was way harder than i thought it would be. I couldn't stop crying. we can't see them until later this afternoon because I need someone to watch my son so i'm counting down..
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