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September 27th, 2011, 07:14 AM
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They gained 50-55 grams yesterday! as of last night they both had less than 2oz to get to their birth weight! Keely was taking all of her feeds by bottle (well with the nurse but when I tried she left like 10cc's lol) and SO actually got Kenley to take 5cc's out of a bottle which is awesome for her! the doc said that is basically what will determine when they go home.. well besides their temps. so they really need to get the sucking swallowing down. they have said that babies really know it at 35 weeks so I'm hoping they pick it up sometime this week.. but good thing is they are tolerating all their feeds and are up to like 25cc I think. They are both off their IV's too! Kenley's jaundice levels went way down right when she was under the lights so she was off the spot light yesterday already and they said most likely she will be without the lights today! They are just some tough little girls!!
They are planning on doing the head u/s's on both girls tomorrow so I'm hoping we get some idea of whats going on in there before we see the neurologist in 4 months for more MRI's..

so I think that's all for today but every day we get good news so i'm just hoping it continues and we don't have a set back.. which i feel will be coming since this is all too good to be true feeling for everything we've been through with the pregnancy..
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