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September 28th, 2011, 03:49 PM
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So i posted yesterday about how i was up all night with stomach issues. I didnt get diarrhea until the very end and literally the first loose movement i took immodium. Since then I have had gas all around my baby belly....and on my right side you can hear gurgling. If I rub it, you can feel the particles pop so its obviously gas. This has been two days now and its driving me INSANE. Has anyone else had this and what on earth do I do to get rid of it?! I took some fiber therapy to try to get me to go to the bathroom and today we are on 2 small farts...told you TMI lol. Baby is kicking so I know the little guy is okay but its just really obnoxious and I would LOVE to feel normal again.

I know its not a stomach bug or food poisoning because I can actually pin point what made me sick (Pierogies) because those are the only new things I added to my diet actually a few hours before this started. I think they just didnt agree with me, sadly.

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