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September 29th, 2011, 10:22 PM
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I usually put both DH&I' income into one revenue bucket and allocate it into several major expenses:
- home expenses consists of several sub-expenses such as: mortgages, association fee, property tax, insurance and utilities
- in-law financial support (because MIL is disable elderly and SIL is disable unwed-mother with a child)
- household expense consists of several sub-expenses such as: groceries, gasoline, car maintenance and medical expense
- miscellaneous budget such as: church donation and gift giving budget for weddings or friends invitation
- occasionally, if there is leftover, I try to save it

I buy in bulk for daily necessities such as: shampoo, soap, flour, sugar, pasta, etc and try to find the cheapest gasoline station in town and buy them around once a week.
I also try to cook more by cooking in the weekend and mid week and then freeze it into smaller portions for use during weekdays.

Hope this help
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