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September 30th, 2011, 07:07 AM
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well their temps on their isolets are going down! we need it to get to 28* C and it was at 28.7 on Keely and 28.8 on Kenley when we left last night!
Kenley took almost a whole bottle yesterday before we got their but for her dinner they didn't want to push her to try again so they just tube fed her. Keely though is getting it, she still takes a little break half way through the bottle (she even fell asleep for a couple mins and then woke up and sucked the rest down lol) I am definitely anticipating her to come home before Kenley.. Keely is also at her birth weight now! Kenley's chart was missing so we don't know about her weight yet but i'm asking today, I need to know she's gaining..

oh and they had their brain u/s's.. still inconclusive! it's so frustrating that they can't give us an answer.. he said there are 3 things it could be, an infection, a bleed or a genetic thing.. well there nothing solid to point to any of those for sure so they still have no idea how this happened and what is going to be effected. he said they have until next week (36w) to get the nippling down before we start to worry that this might be more than just a preemie thing..

I'm going in today by myself so this should be interesting. SO is usually my rock when we go in..
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