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September 30th, 2011, 12:20 PM
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So I was on wiki and this is one thing it said about FAM...advantages and you agree or disagree:


  • There are no drug-related side effects to FA. Side effects may occur from inserting fingers into the vagina for cervical observation (as some FA methods recommend).
  • FA can be free or very low up front cost. Users may buy a chart, calendar, basal thermometer, or software, or employ a coach. The direct costs are low when compared to other methods.
  • FA can be used with barrier contraception so that intercourse may continue through the fertile period. Unlike barrier use without FA, practicing FA can allow couples to use barrier contraception only when necessary.
  • FA can be used to immediately switch from pregnancy avoidance to pregnancy planning when the woman decides it is time to plan for conception.
[edit] Disadvantages

  • Use of a barrier or other backup method is required on fertile days, otherwise the couple must abstain. To reduce pregnancy risk to below 1% per year, there are an average of 13 days where abstinence or backup must be used during each cycle.[28] For women with very irregular cycles such as those common during breastfeeding, perimenopause, or with hormonal diseases such as PCOS - abstinence or the use of barriers may be required for months at a time.
  • Higher failure cost than many methods. Typical use effectiveness is lower than most other methods thus the cost for failures is higher than for most methods.[29]
  • Fertility awareness does not protect against sexually transmitted disease.[30]

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