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October 1st, 2011, 09:41 AM
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1. Are you having a boy or girl? Boy!
2. Would you prefer to buy for a boy or girl? No preference!
3. What things do you like? Simple clothes in bright colours (stripes are awesome!), cloth diapers of all types, and whatever else really!
4. What types of things do you not like? Really complicated outfits - you know, like those little button-up shirts and "dress pants" and socks and laceup shoes for newborns? - they're SO cute, but totally impractical and usually expensive and quickly outgrown. And hyper-masculine stuff for little babies is not really on my list either. I'm also not super in love with huge logos or Disney stuff. No inappropriate slogans please. (Geez I'm picky! Sorry, whoever gets me! )
5. What things do you not need? Disposable diapers and yellow onesies (I got a dozen solid yellow onesies from my aunt - I love yellow, but NO MORE! lol).
6. What things do you need more of? Cloth diapers and clothes/onesies bigger than newborn.
7. Any special concerns/requests? Nope, nothing!

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