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October 2nd, 2011, 07:00 AM
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Beth, I know we talked about this in the DDC thread but it was easier to put it here since it's less busy.. the girls were moved up to 24 calorie BM a couple days ago lol I wasn't told but I saw on the bottle "24" and asked the nurse. they are gaining (as of yesterday) Keely was 3lbs 7oz so an ounce above her birth weight and Kenley was 3lbs 2.9oz so she was 0.9oz above her birth weight lol so hopefully they continue. Kenley's bed was down to 28*! but they won't rush her out of the isolet until she can bottle feed easier which last night she took almost her whole bottle of 30mL from me! Keely did the same thing so as long as the nurses actually work with them on it too (sometimes they don't even try which i can understand to a point because I know the girls get tired but I wish they would attempt some)..
so we are a tiny step closer to coming home status lol
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