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October 2nd, 2011, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Sk8ermaiden View Post
13 days with backup seems extraordinarily long. I would think it would be 10 AT MOST for most people.
I think it's important not to make guesstimates about the average number of fertile days, because every woman is so different. And every cycle is so different! 13 days seems pretty average for some women, to me.

Originally Posted by Sk8ermaiden View Post
For women with very irregular cycles such as those common during breastfeeding, perimenopause, or with hormonal diseases such as PCOS - abstinence or the use of barriers may be required for months at a time. YUP!!!!! This is the biggest reason we don't do NFP. We'd never have sex.
I would agree with that, because TCOYF or FAM is geared more towards regular cycles. It's not an accurate comparison to think that's how all methods of NFP are though. There are so many types of NFP, some are similar to TCOYF and some are very different! TCOYF just doesn't get into a lot of detail about how to recognize the infertile days during longer cycles (or non cyles, like when BFing). There's no need, cuz you can just use a barrier when things are weird. With some NFP methods, there's more emphasis on teaching women to navigate every kind of irregularity so that you don't have to resort to prolonged abstinence.

I have PCOS and we used an NFP method called Serena for awhile. The method was pretty similar to what's taught in TCOYF, so a lot of abstinence was required. So we tried 2 other types of NFP, and there was much less abstinence required for those. The guidelines were very different. Instead of being fixated on the event of ovulation, they taught me to read my body day by day. Is today fertile or infertile? Sometimes I ovulate really late in the cycle or not at all, but that doesn't mean we have to abstain the whole time. There are usually a lot of infertile days along the way, which we are free to enjoy. We were able to follow the same guidelines while BFing, so every day I knew if we were potentially fertile or not. No regularity necessary!
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