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October 2nd, 2011, 06:24 PM
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Name: Missy
Children(s) Name(s) and ages: Corey 20, Dylan 19, Kyle 16 and baby Scarlett due 11-24
Child(ren) with ADD/ADHD: Corey and Kyle have adhd
Do they have ADD or ADHD or combinations type: ADHD
At what age were they diagnosed: Kyle was 5, Corey was 9
Do you or your childs father have ADD/ADHD: I have ADD, I am not sure about their dad...
What have you found that helps your child (wether it be meds, deep pressure, brushing, exercise, etc): I write everything down to help me stay on task. I am huge on keeping a notebook and having a calendar with me all the time to keep me on track. Kyle takes adderall 20mg 1 time a day, Corey is not on any meds

Pregnancy Loss April 2009, September 2010
CP 10/2008, 1/3/11 {missing my babies every single day}Mommy to 4 Children - 3 boys ages 22, 21 and 18 & baby Scarlett
After 2.5 years TTC with 4 losses our Family was given the gift of Miss Scarlett
Do not ever give up hope...

Miss Scarlett... Our miracle girl still brings happy tears to my eyes.

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