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October 3rd, 2011, 08:28 AM
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Hey MsJaQ,
I am so sorry you went through this.
My mom had 2 car accidents in her entire life, both when she was pregnant. The first one with me, the second one with my sister. During the first accident, the road was icy, and the car flipped over (the wheels towards the sky). The seatbelt went so tight, she got really scared. She felt all wet and assumed that it was blood coming from her uterus. In the end, the liquid was nothing more than pee, and the baby (me!) turned out just fine!
I'm not assuming that everything is fine, but our human body is really strong.
As for the car accident with my sister, I'm not too sure of what happened, but she turned out fine too.
I hope it makes you feel better. Try to relax until you can see a doctor.


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