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October 3rd, 2011, 12:48 PM
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Children(s) Name(s) and ages:William, 9 (10 next month), and Brisa, 8
Child(ren) with ADD/ADHD:William
Do they have ADD or ADHD or combinations type:So far all we know is it is ADHD, but we cannot afford further testing and we just lost our insurance because we cannot afford it
At what age were they diagnosed:At age 6
Do you or your childs father have ADD/ADHD:I was never diagnosed, but I think I may have something (if not the same) similar. My whole mother's side of the family has some sort of mental illness.
What have you found that helps your child (wether it be meds, deep pressure, brushing, exercise, etc):Games, and not just the video game kind. He gets bored extremely easy, so I must keep him occupied.
Something about you and anything else you would like to share:I suffer from anxiety/panic disorder, and it scares me that my son could develop it because of me. I really wanted my children to escape the mental illness that runs in our family. Not one person on my mom's side made it without something bad happening to them.

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