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October 4th, 2011, 04:34 AM
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Name: Laura
Children(s) Name(s) and ages: Rohan (9) and Aliyah (4)
Child(ren) with ADD/ADHD: Rohan
Do they have ADD or ADHD or combinations type: ADHD
At what age were they diagnosed: Sought medical advice form age 3, diagnosis made at age 5
Do you or your childs father have ADD/ADHD: father ADD, me ADHD
What have you found that helps your child (wether it be meds, deep pressure, brushing, exercise, etc): Concerta 54mg for the ADHD and Epilem 200mg for the TLE; arm brushing and running through the grass barefoot 15 minutes before a task for the ADHD and SID; keep away from all foods containing red/orange/yellow food dyes - this really helps!
Something about you and anything else you would like to share: Has anyone read the books called Indigo Child and The Da Vinci Method? Da Vinci method was very helpful in providing alternative methods to help control the ADHD (the book is anti-meds but my son needs the meds so I use the book in conjunction with the meds). Indigo Child is a different perspective on why there are so many children ADD/ADHD, just makes interesting reading if you are prepared to step outside the proverbial box for a minute.
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