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October 5th, 2011, 08:11 AM
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1. Are you having a boy or girl? Girl

2. Would you prefer to buy for a boy or girl? Girl

3. What things do you like?
This is my first girl and I want her to be all girl

4. What types of things do you not like?
I'm not a huge fan of comercial characters (Dora, Disney etc.)

5. What things do you not need?
We don't like things with rude messages

6. What things do you need more of?
I need everything for a girl

7. Any special concerns/requests? (I encourage everyone to let this be a surprise and not request specific people to buy for but in the even that someone requests to have a specific person I will do my best to honor the request. Example: DDBs wanting to buy for eachother).
None except that I'd like to be buddied with someone in the US

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